Business Organic Waste Rapid Recycling Technology & Equipment

Business Organic Waste / sludge Rapid Recycling TechnologyTM
Rapid Recycling Technology is the world’s only destructive and innovative concept that revolutionizes the traditional microbial composting process. With the use of patented enzymes and equipment organic wastes / sludge are stabilized and mature within 3 hours, no need of post-maturization, and the product is ready-to-use. Our zero pollution technology is able to avoid bad smell and waste water produced during the process. It is absolutely the best solution for Agricultural waste / Business waste recycling and environmental protection.
Rapid Recycling TechnologyTM VS Traditional composting 
Before and After the reaction:
Earth System Equipment Table
Applicable scope
Agricultural wastes:vegetables and fruits, gardening wastes, livestock farm wastes, etc.  Civil wastes:household kitchen wastes, mass catering kitchen wastes, etc. Industrial wastes:food processing industry wastes, shops wastes, papermaking industry wastes, organic sludge, etc.

Reduce 85% waste volume

Reduce 85% waste volume

Processes 2kg food waste per day. Reduces 85% waste volume.

Rapid decomposition

Fast decomposit

Uses enzymes strictly to help food waste decomposed into soil.

Nourishes our earth

Organic fertilizer

food waste turned organic fertilizer helps to reduce the use of chemical ones.


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