EarthSystem Organic Waste Fast Treatment Technology
The quantity of organic wastes from our daily life is amazingly huge. It is really an important environmental protection policy to develop the multipurpose fast treatment organic waste fertilizer technology. Fast treatment technology can solve the organic waste problems efficiently. Moreover, the organic fertilizer product can be directly applied to improve soil and crops. It is the only innovative technical break through in the world.
The Process
Make Organic Fertilizer Form Organic Waste, it only 3 hours by using EarthSystem Organic Waste Fast Treatment Technology, which can help farmer to cut the cost of chemical fertilizer and reduce the cost of cultivation.
Enzymatic patented technology:extracted from security microbial strains
Fast Treatment Technology can solve the environmental issue existing in traditional composting process:
Before and After the reaction:
Earth System Equipment Table
Applicable scope
Agricultural wastes:vegetables and fruits, gardening wastes, livestock farm wastes, etc. Civil wastes:household kitchen wastes, mass catering kitchen wastes, etc. Industrial wastes:food processing industry wastes, shops wastes, papermaking industry wastes, organic sludge, etc.

Reduce 85% waste volume

Reduce 85% waste volume

Processes 2kg food waste per day. Reduces 85% waste volume.

Rapid decomposition

Fast decomposit

Uses enzymes strictly to help food waste decomposed into soil.

Nourishes our earth

Organic fertilizer

food waste turned organic fertilizer helps to reduce the use of chemical ones.


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