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About Chen Fong

  • Chen Fong was Established in 1997.
  • Chen Fong is committed to industrial sludge and wastewater treatment.
  • Developed green tech to protect our earth always be Chen Fong’s belief.
  • March. 2011 release「EARTH SYSTEM – Food Waste Decomposition System.」



All resources from earth are treasures, such as food, air and water. Chen Fong knows Food waste can help our soil become fertile. Chen Fong provide best solution to recover resources, allowing the use of renewable resources and protection our environment.




Recycle wastes, Save Earth!

In Taiwan about 26000 tons of home garbage is produced each day and Food waste and leftover account for 35% of it.

We’ve been educated to do recycle. We also knew to do recycle help wastes became useful resources, of course including our food wastes. But the smell, storage problem and insects make food waste recycle into our life seems very hard to do it…..


Earthsystem Food waste Decomposer

Earthsystem Food waste decomposer keeps the natural balance It rebuilds biological chain and gives new life to the soil thus regeneration of soil resource .

In Taiwan, Food wastes are complex food waste including high salty and oiled. We choose best enzyme to solve oriental food waste also suit to western food waste even better.


Easy to use!



1. Put leftover into Earthsystem.

2. Close the lid, Earthsystem will start to decompose Food waste.

Best natural organic manure!

Chen Fong had push food waste manure in Taiwan for years. Our customers are amazing about nature biological chain really help their vegetables and plants more stronger and healthier.